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    Is Security Settings update bogus?


      I have occasionally gotten the message "A new security settings update is available from Adobe Systems.  Would you like to install it now?"  This happens while downloading a PDF from a web site using a browser.  Each time I have clicked no and finished my download.  The PDF appears to open correctly in the browser window.  When I open Adobe Reader (outside of the browser) and check for updates there are none.  This happened yesterday.  I just tried the same url and the security settings window did not come up.  I am not only paranoid but curious as to what is going on -- is there someone trying to download malware or is this just a glitch?


      I am using Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit, SeaMonkey 2.0.6, Adobe Reader 9.3.3.  This has happened with various versions of SeaMonkey, Reader on a Vista Home Premium OS.  I cannot remember if it has always been the same web site or different ones.  This time it was (  http://frwebgate.access.gpo.gov/cgi-bin/getdoc.cgi?dbname=111_cong_bills&docid=f:h5440ih.t xt.pdf ).


      I have automatic updates turned off,  Enable Enhanced Security is checked, under Trust Manager I unchecked Allow opening of non-pdf....  I cannot remember if I have changed any other default settings.

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          pwillener Level 8

          Sooperparanoid wrote:


          A new security settings update is available from Adobe Systems.  Would you like to install it now?


          I have certainly never seen this before.  Also, a Google search only yielded one result apart from this very topic.


          Can you post a screenshot of that pop-up?

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            Sooperparanoid Level 1

            This is the image I captured the last time it happened.


            Adobe forum request.JPG



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              pwillener Level 8

              It "looks" legitimate; it is just interesting that nobody else has seen this before.  I also don't see it if I go to the link you provided in your first post.


              If it were happening to me, I would click OK and see what happens.  (I do have antivirus / anti-spyware and a firewall active.)

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                Sooperparanoid Level 1

                As to clicking ok and seeing what happens I would rather use a lighted match to check the level of gas in my car's gas tank.  I have a firewall, a router, anti-virus and anti-spy something or other but my best defense is, and will always be, my paranoia.  If Adobe does not have a security update available why would I download one from another source?  Makes no sense and would be a recipe for disaster.  Paranoid yes -- stupid no.

                I appreciate your interest and thank you for your input.  If this should happen again I will make a point of posting the link.



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                  I also got this message today when I opened an invoice from Dell.  I clicked ok to install and nothing strange happened.

                  On another site I read that this can be related to required certificate updates.

                  Could Adobe please state if this message is normal or not? Thank you!


                  Best regards,


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                    shashi.kant Adobe Employee


                    The message that you had seen was for AATL Updates. AATL or Adobe Approved Trust List is a program that allows millions of users around the world to create digital signatures that are trusted whenever the signed document is opened in Adobe® Acrobat® 9 or Reader® 9 software and later. For more details about AATL Click Here

                    When you manually check for updates in Reader [Help > Check for Updates] you are actually looking for patch updates meant for Reader.

                    If you wish to look for Certificate updates follow these steps: Edit > Preferences > Trust Manager > Click Update Now under the Section Automatic Updates. You should get the same message asking “A new security settings update is available from Adobe Systems.  Would you like to install it now?”. These updates are neither malware nor a glitch and it’s safe to install them.

                    The Certificate updates are triggered automatically when:

                    1)      You open a file that has a digital signature,

                    2)      You have never checked for updates before and this is the first time, or

                    3)      You have checked before, but

                    a.       28 days has elapsed and

                    b.      There is a new update available


                    You can select “Yes” and install the security updates. It would just update the trusted certificate list for your Adobe Reader. If you wish to see the trusted list, follow these steps: Open Adobe Reader > Document > Manage Trusted Identities. Now in the new window pane that appears, select “Certificates” from the “Display” menu. You should see the entire Trusted Certificates list currently installed with your Reader.

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                      Anguel Level 1

                      Thank you very much for the information Shashi!

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                        I had the Adobe updter in my tray yesterday with the same message. I ran the update and when time came to reboot, the system would not re-boot. I tried several times before having to bring it up in safe mode.  Eventually I got a message that windows had recovered from a major error and did I want to send the error report.  I sent it so maybe Microsoft will be ble to figure something out.  I will not do any more updates to Adobe Reader until I get notification of what caused this.

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                          Sooperparanoid Level 1


                          sorry it has taken so long to respond.  Your answer makes sense but I have difficulty implementing it.  By way of review, I have Windows 7 Home Premium, Adobe Reader 9.4.0 (updated since original post) and I have only the administrator account.  When I open Adobe Reader, I right click on the shortcut, choose Run As Administrator (UAC comes up and I click continue), I do as you instruct and I get the new security settings dialogue.  I click ok, the cursor goes round and round and then stops.  I then click on the update now again button, and the cycle repeats, and repeats with the same results.  Before sending this I tried three times and got the same message, 'new security....'  It appears the new certificates are installed but each time I have Reader check I am told there are new settings available.  I think of it as pouring water into a jar that has no bottom.

                          Is this behavior normal?

                          Thank you for your help.



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                            shashi.kant Adobe Employee



                            As I have mentioned in my earlier posts, this update is for the Trusted list of certificates. Whenever you open any document which has a digital signature and 28 days have elapsed, it will ask for update. The update only adds new or updates existing certificates in your Reader trusted list.

                            The process that you are following by manually checking for updates is not necessary. These updates do not effect the reader security, and they are automatically updated whenever new updates are available.

                            For more details about these updates follow this link : http://www.adobe.com/security/approved-trust-list.html




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                              shashi.kant Adobe Employee

                              Hi sfdadtony,


                              The update message that you saw in tray was for Reader Update. Adobe had released 9.4 update recently. For more details about the update follow this link : http://www.adobe.com/support/security/bulletins/apsb10-21.html


                              To analyze the reason why you faced this problem, I will need more information from your side like what OS are you running on your system and what version of Reader was installed on your system before you updated. Also can you please tell whether Reader was properly updated or not. (To check for Reader version, Run Reader -> Go to Help -> About Adobe Reader 9)


                              The security message updates that are in discussion on this thread do not ask to re-boot your system. They just update the Trusted Certificates list which is used by reader to validate any digital signatures present in PDF files.




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                                Sooperparanoid Level 1


                                Thank you -- my question has been answered.