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    Can I hire someone to make a After Effects Cinema Commercial?


      Hi everybody!


      I'd like to know if I could hire someone to make me a commercial which would be showed more in cinemas than television. It would just be a short 30-second video about our company. The main thing I'm concerned about the video is that it uses as much of After Effects as possible. We work with  graphics. So we really want it to bright, colorful, dazzling and anything else which can have an adjective applied to it. Our company logo is below:

      MultiJKN Logo.png

      Thank you for any help and please ask for a more-detailed explanation if necessary.


      John Aplessed - CEO of MultiJKN

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          First, the only reason it should matter what software is used is if you're demonstrating your capabilities. You should just ask for a graphically intense piece and let the artist decide what tools to use.


          Second, are you hoping for someone to deliver you a finished piece based solely on what you've provided here or are you just putting out feelers to see if there is interest? Because you have not given any actual direction. Do you have colors, attitudes, music, etc. you would like to use? Examples of stuff you like would be helpful. What sort of graphics do you work with? Etc.


          How much are you willing to pay? Is the person involved going to need to get the distribution in cinemas or are you taking care of that?


          Once you have answers to some of these questions sorted in your head, you can post on job forums such as at CreativeCOW (jobs for money, jobs for no money)

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            MultiJKN Level 1
            Hi Szalam,

            I understand what you're saying about the software.I'd like the work from what I've said and what I'm about to say. The main color's are just orange and blue. But it would be more graphically intense if it was 32-bit. The attitude would be happy, but I like it when the speakers are pushed to their limits (e.g, low basslines). We work with developing better graphic formats and helping people with their creativity, while providing great viewing. But we do this with both images and videos. I'd rather see the prices than give a budget.


            Thanks Szalam.