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    How Do I Resize My Previously Created HD Video?


      I (just) reformatted my hard drive and installed Windows 7.  I reinstalled Adobe Premiere Elements 7.


      I had problems when I opened a project HD Video  that I had previously created when I was using Windows XP.


      The Title Page of my project video was huge oversize when I looked at the small screen displaying the title as I typed in the edit mode.


      When I looked at each of my HD Video clips they too are huge oversize on the little edit screen above where I insert my various video clips.


      Everything had been the correct size on the little edit screen when I had PE7 on my computer when running XP.  I estimate the font size in the title and the clips in the view screen provided to see my clips to be about twice normal size.


      My question is:  How Do I Resize My Previously Created HD Video?


      I am using a Canon HFS-21.


      I am a real novice at this and would appreciate an assistance you can offer to solve my dilemma.  I assume I have to change a setting on the menu of an existing video so the more detailed you can be about exactly how to solve this the better I can understand exactly what to do.


      Thank you,


      Bill Phifer

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          It could be a number of things.


          First, check the obvious. Right-click on the Monitor and ensure the monitor size is set to Fit.


          Then go to Edit and select Project Settings. Are you project settings for a hi-def video frame?


          If both of those things are set correctly, we'll have to dig deeper. There's no reason a change in operating system should have any effect at all on your project settings.



          Assuming, of course, that the original project was created in Premiere Elements 7.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9



            To help you and also us, can you give us the details on your source footage? The great, free utility, G-SPOT, will give you that info, and if you just post a screen-cap from that program, with one of your files Open in it, we can see everything.


            You will use that info to make sure that your Project's Preset (Steve's second suggestion) matches it perfectly. What you describe is normally caused by Importing HD material into an SD Project.


            Good luck,



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              WilliamPhifer Level 1

              Thank you for emailing me about my issue with PE7.  It was frustrating to

              have a professional install Windows 7 on my PC only to have all of my

              previously created movies appear twice their original size (under Windows

              XP) in the create a new movie/edit an existing movie mode when I installed

              Photoshop Elements 7.


              I tried for two days to resolve the issue and could not.  I tried all of the

              suggestions I received and nothing resolved the matter.  I spoke with Adobe

              and, as imagined, they wanted to charge me… which was fine… but I knew that

              this issue should not be an issue.


              So I reinstalled PE7 and nothing happened for 8 hours… then it automatically

              corrected itself!  There was nothing I could do… but 8 hours after the

              second install of PE7 my problem has been solved.


              Thank you for contacting me.


              Bill Phifer


              Las Vegas


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