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    Need Encoding Advice

    MCRoberts Level 1



      I was running a thread entitled "Encoding AVCHD from AVCHD". I got lots of great help (thank you, all). Unfortunately, some of the answers lead to some disappointment / dashed expectations.


      Nevertheless, may I ask for some follow up advice? I have a Panasonic HD video camera that produces AVCHD 1080i at 29.97 fps. I create a series of Premiere Sequences from this video. They tend to be anywhere from 5 minutes to, maybe, 15 minutes in duration. I would like to use Premiere, through the Media Encoder to produce an HD output file, having the same 1920x1080 resolution. I will use these output files to do the following:


      1. Assemble several (maybe 10 or so) of these output files into Encore CS5 timelines, set bookmarks, do my menus and produce a BluRay output image.
      2. Store the output files on a backup drive
      3. Possibly reload these files into Premiere Pro CS5 for a future project.


      So, I need the output files to retain high quality (I loved the quality of AVCHD on my Sony Bravia) and to be usable in both Premiere for editing and Encore for publishing.


      Could somebody make a recommendation for an output format / codec that might satisfy these needs?


      Thank again everybody - great forum.