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    Login Form + stay inside window

      I have a login form that I'm using inside my flash header banner of my site. The login uses LoadVars() and the send(url, "POST") type of thing to send the username and password to an ASP page. THe login works great, and even comes back to the page posting a "invalid username/password" when it's not working properly. If I get a successful login, and it loads up the actual page, it opens a new window to do that. Is there a way to keep it from opening a new window, and just have it stay on the same page, like a normal login would do?

      This is the code for the send portion, for the most part:

      var login_lv:LoadVars = new LoadVars();
      login_lv.emailTextBox = emailTextBox.text;
      login_lv.passwordTextBox = passwordTextBox.text;
      login_lv.send("https://beta.eo.com/login.aspx", "POST");
      return true;

      It has some eventhandlers at the top, for when you click and it runs the function, etc. Anyone have idea how to keep all this stuff inside the same window when using LoadVars