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    Set fieldvalue on masterpage from Table-Element


      Hello Community,


      Workbench is the livecycle designer 8.1 with SAP-context.


      I currently develop a form which has a difficult problem.

      starting situation:

      I have a masterpage which has 5 companylogos. In the dynamic-part of my form, i have a table with  header- and a lot position-lines.


      My Wish:

      If a value of the position-line changes, the company-logos show or hide, in case of the value from the position line.

      The problem is the table-Object in my Form.

      My testcases works fine, when i set a field-value on the masterpage from a subfrom of my dynamic part of the form.

      Actual, i want to show/hide the fields of the masterpage from the "initialize"-event of the table, but this doesn't work. 


      Does anybody know this error and has a little tip for me?


      Thanks a lot,


      Greetz Jaro2299