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    How to be considerate and respectful in this Forum/Discussion

    dougieweb Level 1


      I'm new to this Forum and have rarely used Forums in the past.  I'm finding this Forum/Discussion very beneficial.  I need a lot of help because I'm an instructional designer who has been kind of thrust into the development world - having just become somewhat proficient in AS3, now moving toward Flex because of the data-driven needs my clients continue to have.  But I do want to insure that I'm being respectful and considerate to the people who are providing all the great free help.


      Sometimes it is not clear weather the suggestion I receive in a post is in correct or helpful category.  I'm wondering if I should lean toward correct when in doubt.  But I'm afraid that I'll give non-valuable feedback in that case.


      For example:  Some answers are more "yes or no" asnwers (such as "CanFlex do X?"), with perhaps no code required.  Should I click correct or helpful in those case?


      For example:  If a responder responds with a code example, then I try it and it doesn't work, how would I be sure the answer was not correct and that my browser/player or tying was not the problem.  I'd hate to not give the proper credit to someone.


      Any responses to this post will be considered "CORRECT!"