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    CameraTracker & Kronos 5.0 - 2 new plug-ins for AE from The Foundry

    jack at thefoundry

      We've just released two cool new plug-ins for After Effects. We're really pleased with them, and pretty excited to see what you all come up with using them:

      CameraTracker - matchmoving, directly inside of After Effects, allowing you to pull a camera track without having to leave the comfort of your After Effects session. If you've ever wanted to insert design elements, text, mograph and so on in a moving camera sequence, this one's for you :)

      Kronos 5.0 - super fast, gpu accelerated, retiming. Like Timewarp on steroids, if you've got an NVidia CUDA based graphics card, this can offload some of the processing to that to really speed up pulling a motion estimation based retime. It also splits out the ability to add motion blur to a sequence as a separate plug-in.

      There's a training series for CameraTracker, to get you started, over at:

      And a few examples of what people on the beta put together:

      Hope you like them!