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    How can I read a binary file?

    j.ochoa Level 1

      In my AIR application, I'm trying to read a binary file and then post it via an HTTPService to a remote ColdFusion component that accepts a "binary" type argument.  The result of the post is always:


      The FILEOBJ argument passed to the addFile function is not of type binary.


      Here is how I'm reading the file in Flex, where fileObj is of type File:


      var fs : FileStream = new FileStream();

      var bytes : ByteArray = new ByteArray();


      fs.open(fileObj, FileMode.READ);

      fs.readBytes(bytes, 0, fs.bytesAvailable);



      I then pass "bytes" as the parameter to my HTTPService's send call, like so:


      var params : Object = {method : "addFile", fileObject : bytes};



      When I debug, bytes contains the correct file size.  Is it not in binary form?  I've tried several other suggestions, but with the same result, so would appreciate any help.