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    Graphics in XDCAM EX sequence

    gonzalez5000 Level 1

      Hi All


      I'm trying to use a 1920*1080 .psd file (screen grab) in a Sony XDCAm EX HQ 1080i sequence. Here's what's happening:


      Import the file, drop on timeline. Red line above file. Play through the file and it's perfect in the monitor. Render the file (press enter to turn line to green) the graphic now plays back distorted and poor quality. Monitor is set to 100% and 100% quality.


      Do the same thing in a Sony XDCAM EX 1080P sequence and it plays back perfect, rendered (green) or unrendered (red).


      This would lead me to beleive it's an interlacing issue, so try all interlacing options, no joy.


      Any ideas please?