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    Swfs don't work (Captivate and Flash AS2)


      I inserted a .swf from a published Captivate 5 file into my PowerPoint. When I preview the ppt, it plays fine, but when I publish it to Presenter it no longer works. It's just a blank white screen. Any suggestions?


      Additionally, I created a very simple Flash file with basic button functionality and brought it into PowerPoint. It shows up but none of the buttons work, and I have no _global or _root code in it. Any help would be great.

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          When I insert Captivate 5 swf's into powerpoint and Publish with Presenter the movie flickers and do not start!

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            Jesst124 Level 1

            I will be out of the office starting  13/08/2010 and will not return until



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              robva65 Level 2

              Unfortunately guys, I wish I had better news, but there's a reason why  Captivate 5 content will not run in Adobe Presenter.


              By default, Cp 5 now publishes using Actionscript 3 and that's the  culprit!


              Presenter is still using Actionscript 2.0 so the problem here is that the  governing codebase in P7 doesn't recognize, and therefore cannot  run/execute/understand the codebase coming from Captivate 5.


              There is, however, a workaround: rather than inserting the Cp swf into PPT  (for Presenter output), you can link to the Captivate content as externally  accessible content.  An obvious drawback here is that you'll have another  browser window to contend with, but there are a few upsides to this approach as  well; namely, if your Captivate content ever needs to be updated, you can do  that without ever having to republish your Presenter course.  I've utilized this  approach a number of times, and although there's some upfront homework to deal  with, it's been a time-saver in the long term.


              Now, as for the Flash file/buttons you mentioned....I have a quick question  for you: are you coding your Flash piece using Actionscript 3?  Again, as weith  Captivate 5, anything with AS 3.0 in it will be completely ignored in Presenter  7.  Also be sure that when you set up a Flash file (and definitely before you  publish/export your flash content) you'll need to set the Publish Settings for  Actionscript 2.0.


              Until Adobe updates Presenter, this is going to be something we all will need  to deal with.





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                Hollis Santee

                I was having this trouble too.


                I can insert a SWF file from Captivate in a PowerPoint 97-2033 format file. It will run just fine when published.


                The problem I had was when I tried to insert a SWF file from Captivate into a PowerPoint 2007 file. It just shows a blank page when published.


                Save your PowerPoint as a 97-2003 format.