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    Pay For Help, Or Help

    spooonynick Level 1

      Hello there,


      ok First off, ive been on this site for ages and to be honnest you have all helped very greatly but im still not getting any further with my mistakes on my flash site, and i can't aford to learn what to do at moment etc

      i can only do what people are telling me and to be fair i do, but i dont think im understanding correct of what people are saying so


      my question is the following:


      I badly need my flash site sorted out. these are the errors

      my slideshow works the first 4 images and when it loops it starts to jump and crash,

      i need to link my nav bar with my website pages so once clicked they stay on that layer and that frame im guesisng without going off


      if you are willing to help but no payment then il show any code you want simply as on here.


      but to be honnest id like to pay up to 20pound for my scripts to done and everything to be perfect, i have msn and il need it done by well now, latiest tomorro

      i can pay by paypal and i would pay before you would send file.

      and would need to speak to anyone who will do this for me.


      i hope this is ok. and thank you for reading.