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    XML data issue

    Gordon Gekko

      Hi all,


      Please bare with me as I'm relatively new to Flex 4.


      I have generated my xml data from Microsoft Excel.  The data consists of 7 columns and approximately 28,000 rows.  The table essentially consists of every single zip code in the U.S. (column 1) with 6 items relating specifically to each zip code (columns 2:7)  The xml file has a size of 17.4 megs.


      Basically the idea is that a user will enter their zip code and a system event will generate the above mentioned 6 items relating to their provided zip code.



      Now, when using the network monitor to confirm that the data request was sent and retrieved by the application the reults return as "pending" while generating a request time but never a receive time.  I've tried the same process using a smaller data set of approximately 2 megs and the results return within 31 ms which leads me to believe that perhaps this data set is too large?


      Any help would be greatly apprciated.