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    Masking One Students Identity in a Crowded Classroom Scene

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      Masking a Persons Identity in a Crowded Scene

      Hello, I have footage of high school classrooms that are part of a study by Harvard University and the University of Michigan.  In most cases we have permission to show all of the faces, for a few videos we do not.  I need to mask certain faces, or blur them so the student cannot be recognized.  A few days ago I thought I would be doing this in Premiere Pro - now, for some odd reasons, I'd like to try it in AE. 

      I was told that I could:


      "For each shot, use motion tracking on a person's face, apply that motion-tracking data to a solid layer, use that layer as an adjustment layer, and apply the Mosaic effect to the adjustment layer. This gives you a rectangular blocky/pixelated region over the person's face. If you want to be more refined, you can draw a mask on the adjustment layer to match the shape of the face and get into more detailed rotoscoping."


      I have read up on Adjustment layers, the Mosaic effect, and Tracking and stabilizing motion.  But I can't seem to figure out how to pull this all together and make it work. 

      Does anyone have, or know of, a tutorial or video that includes a step-by-step process?  I'm under the gun and I just can't this information - I'm probably using the wrong terminology in my searches.

      Any/All help would be greatly appreciated.