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    X58 machine memory


      I have  read many of the posts and articles in this forum about computer specifications. I have see many referencing x58 930 etc series with triple channel memory, up to 24GB in 6 slots.

      My question is: Is anyone here using 24GB DDR3 1333mhz or better memory in one of the newer Asus or Gigiabyte boards and is it stable, whether O.C. or not? If so what are you using?

      I will be using Win7 Pro and CS5, the machine is only for editing very large 1 GB - 3 GB image files.

      If I can't determine these boards are stable when maxed on memory, I haven't found any reviews yet that used more than 12GB, I plan on usung a SM x8DAH+ with 24 GB mem and 2 x5650 cpus to start. Slower, more expensive, but likely very stable.