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    Microphone recording

      Hi, it would be much appreciated if anyone can help me with this.

      Is it possible to create a swf file that can record audio from your microphone and save it as a mp3/wav file on your computer?

      I’m wanting to make it so the user can click on a record button start talking into there microphone and have there audio saved on there computer, then click the record button again to end the recording.

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          clbeech Level 3
          This is interesting, I see that there is a Microphone AS class, but it's mostly used with the Flash Communication server. However, I don't see any mention of how to go about 'recording' the input though, or file convertion, or saving it.

          Not much help :(
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            cory_ Level 1
            Yeah I was looking at that too, but couldn’t figure out how I could use it :/

            Maybe this is something Flash 8 cant do...
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              Greg Dove Level 4
              You can't save anything directly from the microphone or camera classes. You can display a local webcam but not save it as video for example. I'm not sure if you can route the microphone through the speakers (I probably wouldn't want to do it!) in a similar way.
              Actually the saving part applies pretty much to anything (except local Sharedobjects). The exception here is that for other data you can upload it to a regular application server and have a 'download' of the data for saving (e.g. images or something else). The difference here is that you can't do that with microphone or video...AFAIK they only communicate with flash media server (or, now, also red5).