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    Enabling Forms and Javascript on Mac Safari 5, Reader 9.3.3


      We use PDF forms with embedded Adobe Javascript.  The Javascript is used to post data back to a server, field validation, and other form input uses.


      This setup is working fine in Windows on IE with all version of Reader.


      On the Mac in Safari 5.0.1 and Reader 9.3.3, it will open the PDF form in Acrobat Reader, but the embedded Adobe Javascript in that form is not enabled.  The fields are not editable, and the Javascript action buttons do not get displayed.  Its just a static, readonly PDF displayed in the Safari window.


      I have poked around in all the settings I can find, but haven't found a solution to this.  Has anyone else had any luck editing PDF forms with Adobe Javascript embedded in them using Safari 5 and Reader 9?  Is there a setting somewhere I need to change to enable this on the Mac?


      (It's almost working for us on Mac Firefox 3.6.8.  There it will post back to the server but complains about an invalid cert and aborts (guess I need to fix the cert on my dev box before I can test this again).


      Any advice on enabling Adobe Javascript in Reader while running as a Mac Safari plugin would be greatly appreciated!