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    No More Adobe Support 4 FlashPaper 2

    OzPreston Level 1

      Yesterday I installed FlashPaper 2 on the Windows XP Pro SP3 side of my new dual-OS PC.  During installation, I received a fatal error message that Flash.ocx failed to register.  As my installation represented the purchase of a new license, I called Adobe for support.  My call was directed to Adobe's tech support center in India. The low-level Adobe technician (cough-cough) told me that Adobe no longer provided support for any version of FlashPaper.  After vigorously pointing out that Adobe's FAQ web page for FlashPaper clearly states "Yes, Adobe will continue to honor its existing support commitments (to FlashPaper)", the tech directed me to his supervisor.  The Adobe tech supervisor emphatically told me that he had an 'internal memo' stating his tech center will no longer offer support for FlashPaper 2.  But, that so-called tech supervisor said I can receive 'paid' support.  I called the 'pay-per-incident' support number and landed at another tech center in India. The technician at the 'PAID' tech support center said that Adobe no longer provides 'pay-per-incident' support for FlashPaper!


      WHAT AN INTERESTING SITUATION!  Adobe continues to sell FlashPaper 2 (for $79) and continues to advertise its commitment to support FlashPaper 2...but when a client buys a new copy of FlashPaper 2, Adobe Tech Support refuses to provide support...not even installation isssues! 


      So much for Adobe's honor in honoring its commitments.  A great company has become drunk with its success and now believes it has the power to break its word at its customer's expense.  Shame on Adobe!




      Post-Script:  I discovered the cause of the installation error and found my own work-around.  The root of the issue is that FlashPaper 2 looks to Macromedia Flash Player version 7 to function properly (more specifically, the Flash.ocx file of Macromedia Flash Player v7).   During installation of Flash Paper 2, it apparently installs the aforementioned file in the System 32 folder of Windows.   Unfortunately, Adobe Flash Player current version 10i uses that same Windows system 32 folder to place its own Flash10i.ocx file.  FlashPaper apparently doesn't really recognize the Adobe Flash Player file Flash10i.ocx...which leads to a conflict betwixt the two different ocx files...and mucks up FlashPaper (as well as other software that depends on Flash10i.ocx).   I fixed the problem by uninstalling Adobe Flash Player and Flash Paper.  I installed FP2.  Using the www.afreeOCX.com's instructions for registering an OCX file to register Flash.ocx...and then installed Adobe Flash Player v10i.  Now Flash Paper and my other apps work fine.  BUT I believe that when Adobe updates its Flash Player again and installs a new ocx file...I bet it mucks up FP2 again.