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    Simple problem: prevent swf to be put on external website


      Hi all,


      I think this is easy but I am not good enough to do it, it seems.


      I have a swf file on my website (SiteA.com) and I want SiteB.com to be able to put it on his website but not anybody else (for example SiteC.com).


      I created a "loader" swf on SiteB.com with this ActionScript 2.0 inside:


      and it loads it. Ok.


      BUT: if someone put the same "loader" swf on SiteC can load it too.


      How can I stop SiteC loading it?


      Even if I put System.security.allowDomain("siteB.com"); in the original swf still SiteC.com can load all right.


      It does so even if the crossdomain policy file (on siteA.com/crossdomain.xml) is most restrictive. Or even without it.

      I followed the instructions on adobe devnet website, but the problem remains.


      I tried using both Windows 7 or XP. I also tried to embed the swf but everything works good: actually too good!


      Thank you a lot