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    Fireworks 'internal error'

      I downloaded the Fireworks trial to test out different picture editing softwares however i haven't managed to get far with Fireworks. Every time i try start it up, i get this exact message in a small pop-up box when its initializing plugins: "Could not launch Fireworks. An Internal error occurred."
      then it all closes....
      i also get an error with flash when starting up but dream weaver works fine... :|

      anyone got a clue on whats going on?

      i forgot to mention, i have WIN XP service pack 2 (32 bit platform.....) enough disk space (external hard drive).

      Edit: please i'de like an explanation to this.
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          leomarie Level 1
          I had the same issue with Fireworks V8 and the trial V9. I managed to pinpoint it to the install of the recent version of Quicktime. The program prevents Fireworks from starting and uninstalling the program. The 'add remove program' says the program is removed but it is not, check the folder, while uninstalling Quicktime displays an error. Once I manually removed Quicktime both versions of Fireworks worked fine.
          Config:Windows Pro-AMD dual core-Matrox
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            botagar Level 1
            Wow thank you very much. It was indeed quicktime interfering. after the removal of quicktime, they both worked.
            i think if there is software incompatibility, its not good...