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    TOC Books Stay Open

    Level 7
      When I open a lower-level book within the TOC then access another book
      somewhere else in the TOC or close the main book, books remain open. Is there
      a way to have books automatically close when you access a different book or
      topic in the TOC? I have the sync on, and it is working properly., so that
      isn't part of the problem. I just don't want to have a trail of open books when
      I move on to something else ... without having to manually close them.


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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          You have posted this three times. Please don't. It makes it more difficult for the people answering and for the next person who has this problem.

          Sorry but that is the way it is with webhelp. Some see it as an advantage as you can open a number of topics and hop around between them.