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    How to recall the same page from actionscript


      I have a dropdown in a grid itemrenderer . i have set the selected value of a drop down in creationComplete method. But If i load the grid at second time the selected value of the dropdown changed because creationComplete method is not calling. Can anybody give a solution to reload the selecteditem for the dropdown in the grid. Its urgent.


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          flex4 Level 2



                       If my understand is correct u are using creationComplete event in application ....




                               Once application loads the creation complete event will fire and the grid will update... if u want to reload the grid u need to recall the event listener of that event...


                               better use event listener for that creation complete event and u recall that eventlistener externally  ,, hope this will help u.. if u dont mind please send me the peace of ur code so that i will send u the exact approach

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            kvpdy Level 1

            <mx:DataGridColumn  headerText="Employee ID"  dataField="empId" rendererIsEditor="true">


                                <mx:itemRenderer >




                                        <mx:HBox textAlign="center">






                                                    import org.xchg.utils.DropDownList;






                                            <mx:Spacer width="5"/>




                                                <s:DropDownList requireSelection="true" id="userNamesGroupDD"  width="200" dataProvider="{outerDocument.userGroups}"


                                                                creationComplete="{DropDownList.getDropDownSelectedIndex(data.empId,outerDocument.userGro ups)}" 


                                                                change="{data.EmpId= userNamesGroupDD.selectedItem.value}"/>















            this is my code.Pls give me a solution