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    Please walk me through this


      I have only a superficial knowledge of Actionscript. Stop, Go to and Play ... that's about it.

      I am building a site with buttons that I want to link to other html pages within the same site. I don't want the links to open in a new window. From what I've ascertained in Adobe Help, the code I would use is as follows:

      Resume_btn.onRelease = function() {
      getURL(" http://www.mysite.com/resume.html");

      But do I put the action in the main timeline (which has a Stop action at the end of it)? I've tried to put the action in the button timeline but it won't let me, and another time when I tried to put it in the main timeline, the action window pane said something about how this can only apply to a button instance, and I swear it IS a button instance!

      Please help me link up the navigation bar to my very basic web site. Any talk of variables and what not will go over my head .... I just need to know what code to write and where in which timeline to place the action.

      Thanks in advance.