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    How to change title that appears in browser

      My WebHelp layout looks good, but the text that appears in the browser title bar is wrong, and I can't figure out where in the project to change it. Should be simple, right? Can anyone help me out? Thanks.
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          epsobolik Level 1
          There are many suggestions for this problem. None of them helped for me. The name of our product is Right-Suite™ Universal. The help window title is 'Right - help'. The project title, main window title, and home.htm title are all 'RSU'.

          I was stepping through the RoboHelp_CSH.cpp code to see if the window title was set in there. Lo and behold the the window title was 'rsu_c8 (debugging)', which is the name in the window while debugging. So, apparently, when you call RH_ShowHelp() with NULL for the parent window handle, you get a title that is derived from the active window that is calling the help. The algorithm to get the title doesn't allow dashes. It takes everything up to the first dash. Seems like it should take everything up to the LAST dash. I can't change the name of our program.

          When I call RH_ShowHelp() with the HWND of the MainWnd, I get no title at all, which is better than the wrong title, but still not right.
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            feebeegeebee Level 1
            Hi robo_rob,
            As Peter says, if you go to File > Project Settings, you can change the content of the Project Title field.
            This determines the text that is used in the title bar of your output.
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              Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              Hi all

              Actually there is another way to influence things with the title bar. If you have defined your window using the built in window editor of RoboHelp (Expand the Windows pseudo folder and double-click your window to see properties) there is a field there that is labeled "Window Caption". Whatever you place in this field is used.

              Here's the thing about that though. If you are producing WebHelp, this window definition will only be used if you are opening your WebHelp using the RoboHelp WebHelp API. This is a special JavaScript file you supply to your developer for use when calling your help.

              Cheers... Rick