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    Custom Adobe print settings not being saved as a default


      We're trying to print pdf labels from a website to either a Citizen CLP-521 or a Zebra GK420d using a custom label size and settings. This works fine when printing from the local PC the printer is connected to. However as soon as we share the printer and try and print from another PC we have to select all of the settings everytime which is time consuming. On the locally connected printer PC each time it is rebooted we have to select the label printer as it goes to the default printer. Subsequently we have to select the custom settings which are then saved until the PC is rebooted. However on the other PC's we are having to select the printer and the custom settings everytime. This is very time consuming when we're trying to print 150 labels each day!


      We've tried with different versions of Adobe reader, 7, 8 and 9 loaded on Windows XP Pro SP3. Tried changing various settings in Acrobat but still no joy.


      Has anyone else experienced this problem or got any ideas on how to resolve this issue?