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    Adding music to a menu crashes Encore on 'Building Motion Menu'


      Before I contact Adobe Support on this one I'll see if there's an answer here.

      When adding music to a menu in Encore CS5 and on building the image/disc/folders Encore crashes at the 'Building Motion Menus' stage, the project previews ok with said music and if the music is removed and no music is used on the menus it builds ok.

      I have tried different music tracks just in case of the particular track being corrupted, still the programme crashes (mp3, wav etc) I have added this particular piece of music to projects menus for years with no problems.

      I encountered this crash a few weeks ago and at the time I hadn't got a graphics card approved for the CS5 software, I have now purchased an NVIDIA Quadro FX 3800 card at some £700 as I thought this may have been the problem arghh!!

      I await you comments