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    Null currentTarget propery in PropertyChangeEvent

      I am not sure where to turn with this question. I am hoping that someone will have some clue about the cause of this problem:

      I have pointed the COLLECTION_CHANGE event so that it calls a function that simply checks for the event.kind value. If event.kind is "update" then I simply output the value of ObjectUtil.toString of the PropertyChangeEvent object in the event.items array. The following is the result of this output in my test ... one of the entries of interest is the value of the currentTarget property. Also, I am surprised by the values of the newValue and oldValue properties. I don't understand how these values are returning nulls. Does anyone (please!) have any ideas about this?

      [I added the ".." at the start of the following lines just to show the indentation]

      ..bubbles = false
      ..cancelable = false
      ..currentTarget = (null)
      ..eventPhase = 2
      ..kind = "update"
      ..newValue = (null)
      ..oldValue = (null)
      ..property = "CopyID"
      ..source = (Object)#1
      ....BackgroundColor = 0
      ....CopyID = "asdf"
      ....CopyText = "Team 3"
      ....ForegroundColor = 0
      ....ImageID = 10003
      ....ImageUrl = " http://valiante.plugnpay.com/scstore/graphics/evolutiontheorylarge.jpg"
      ....mx_internal_uid = "A1D7934C-35BE-2B9E-197A-24834BC16C2A"
      ....P10040 = (null)
      ....TeamID = 10003
      ..target = (null)
      ..type = "propertyChange"

      Many thanks,


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          AndyWW Level 1
          After looking at the Flex documentation some more I have think that I may have found the answer to my problem. The doc talks about wrapping anonymous objects in ObjectProxy instances, and my thought is that this is happening only at the top level of my objects returned from the RPC request. Since my request is returning more than one collection (using an object that holds two collections and some other minor information) I don't think the individuals objects in the collections are being wrapped in ObjectProxy instances. When I manually wrap the objects within the collections by instantiating ObjectProxy objects the PropertyChangeEvents appear correct.