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    Working with atom feeds?

    j3d design

      im currently trying to develop a small website for my cousin and im trying to get a kind of "blog" feel to the home page. After doing some research i found i could use an xml feed and link this up to a GUI in flash builder.


      so. ive connected to the xml data. it recognizes it and all its different sections.


      however... one thing im struggling with is how do i make it so that i can have various different text fields that are on the same data array such as "title" and not just repeat the "lastResult" (im new to flashbuilder/flex, therefore im still learning various methods)


      any help would be superb.


      if it helps, the feed is being published by b2evolution. and the feed url is: http://thesauceonline.com/blog/blog5.php?tempskin=_atom


      thanks in advance