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    Getting opened document Title

    Balaust Level 1



      I have the code to get the opened pdf document title, but it works well when all the pdf document is in maximized position , if it is minimized it throws

      error "Object required : AVDoc"


      Please anybody help me out this.




      Set AcroExchApp = CreateObject("AcroExch.App")


      loopCount = AcroExchApp.GetNumAVDocs

      if loopCount <=0 Then

      Msgbox " No Pdf document(s) opened in your desktop"


      For i = 0 to loopCount - 1  


      Set AVDoc = AcroExchApp.GetActiveDoc        
      Set pdDoc = AVDoc.GetPDDoc    

      docTitle = AVDoc.GetTitle

      msgbox docTitle



      End if