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    How to enable the "debug" flag in Linux (ubuntu)

    matteosistisette Level 1



      I want the error message dialogs to pop up when I run an installed AIR application, running it normally, not with the ADL.

      In Windows and Mac, I can accomplish this by creating an empty file or folder called "debug" inside the

      (application install folder)/META-INF/AIR


      However, this doesn't work in Linux.


      On linux, I read somewhere (cannot find it now) that you can do the same by typing:

      export AIRDEBUG=1

      in a terminal.


      This works only if I launch the applications from the same terminal; that is, I have to open a terminal and write:

      export AIRDEBUG=1



      In the same article that suggested this, it also suggested that you could add the "export AIRDEBUG=1" line to the .bashrc file so it would be automatically executed at startup.


      However, it still only works if I launch the applications from a terminal. That is, I don't have to write "export AIRDEBUG=1" every time, but I still have to open a terminal and launch the application from the command line.


      I want it to work also when I launch the application normally from the panel menu shortcut that was automatically created when installing the app.


      Any idea?