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    Please help thanks. Adobe Digital Edition using across multiple computers




      I have Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) installed on a laptop with Windows, and a Mac laptop.

      I have authorized ADE on both machines. I use the laptops at different locations


      Currently i have 2 separate libraries (small libraries of < 10 books) on both computers but I would like

      to be able to keep both libraries in synch -  such that the books and especially the notes/bookmarks

      are the same when I read the book on both laptops.


      For example what I want to be able to do is read and takes notes using ADE on the PC

      and then when I logon to my Mac laptop - to read the same book, and continue where

      I bookmarked last, and also see the notes I had added previously on the other laptop.


      Is this possible? Thanks



      your help is much appreciated. I read and take alot of side notes

      and this will save heaps of time.


      I am a new to ADE but it feels like each computer/laptop where ADE will hold

      a different library, with different set of books and bookmarks. Is it possible

      to synch the books/bookmarks/notes across different machines