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    Cap 4- Closed captions import doesn't apply edits from word .doc file


      I am using Captivate 4 on several projects and rely on the import/export captions feature to address font issues, edit content, and perform grammar quality review.  I export captions to MS Word 2007, make my edits and import the MS Word .doc file.  I have no major issues with the changes to the standard text captions. Font changes and all other edits come in cleanly.


      However, when it comes to the closed captions, none of my edits get applied. Whether I change ten captions or one word, the closed captions remain the same after import.


      The issue is consistent regardless of the number of slides in the captivate file or the number of pages in the exported MS Word .doc file. It doesn't matter whether I change the font anywhere within the document.


      My work-around involves cutting and pasting corrected captions into slide notes and hoping that I don't accidentally leave out a change somewhere around slide eleven.  


      I am looking for a better solution.  Does anyone out there have any suggestions?






      P.S. Below is the summary of the hardware and software in use.

      Computer: HP 6535B laptop more than 120 gigs free space, 3 gig RAM

      Captivate Version: 4.01

      OS:Windows XP Service Pack 3

      Network: Working off of C drive, not the network.

      MS Word Version: Microsoft Word 2007