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    Is it possible to create an IK bone armature for raster graphics?

    joeff2 Level 1

      Hello all,


      I have recently been experimenting with aninmation in Flash, but now I've run into a problem-- whenever I try to add bones to a bitmap image I want to animate, I get a message saying that I "cannot link bitmap objects."  Does this mean that bones can't be applied at all to raster graphics?  I also tried converting the image to vectors via the Trace Bitmap function, but when I attempt to add bones to the result it complains that "the image is too complex.  Please optimize or convert to a movie clip."  I followed its directions, but it continued to complain that the image was too complex.  As a sanity check, I drew a simple X on the frame with the pencil tool and received the same 'too complex' message from Flash when I tried to add bones to it.  Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I might fix this- I'd really like to be able to make armatures for some game sprites I have...