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    Problem calling COM Object on Windows Server 2008 x64




      We are using 32 bits COM object called in Coldfusion page on 32 bits OS. It works fine since few years.


      Now we need to use it on x64 Windows Server 2008 and 64bits IIS.


      As I 've seen (http://www.coldfusionjedi.com/forums/messages.cfm?threadid=87869C67-B19B-288F-F32B6E8BAB32 28CA ),a 64 bits process can only call 64 bits DLL.


      So we created a 64 bits Wrapper like this : http://www.dnjonline.com/article.aspx?id=jun07_access3264


      But calling 64 bits COM Object still raises the same error (" The cause of this exception was that: java.lang.RuntimeException: Can not use  native code: Initialisation failed") whereas it works fine with a 64 bits executable created in .NET for example.


      Is there a known issue about this subject?


      Sorry for english , I'm a french developper.


      Thanks in advance.