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    DateChooser and XML

      this might be easy. I'm just not seeing the connection. I created a DateChooser in my mx Application. How do I use an XML file as it's data Provider (might not be the right word here). I want in my XML file for it to contain the dates to highlight, and when you roll over an active date the tool tip shows the text from the xml file. Lastly when you click a date it loads in .swf file in my HBox.

      Sounds easy - I just can't figure out where to go after creating the DateChooser control. I know how to add the tool tip but it displays the same text no matter which date you've selected. since I want each date in XML file to have some smal info..

      Can anyone please help me or point me to a tutorial. If you could just show me how to link and XML file to the DateChooser that'll be enough in it's self. Thanks guys/gals