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    Cant work with Data Services


      I am new to flex and I want to know step-by-step guidelines to smoothly install FDS on my laptop and easily run the sample applications. Currently when I install FDS on my machine, everything works fine and I am even able to access the http://localhost:8700/flex url and http://localhost:8700/samples url. But when I click on the link for any sample application on the samples page, it gives me a page not found. Also when I open a new Flex data services project in Flex Builder and write some code, I get an problem error in flex builder-"unable to open services-config.xml"

      I browsed to the folder in JRun\default\servera\flex and indeed there was no file called "services-config.xml"

      I am stuck at this point and hence cannot run any sample or my own application using data services. Please someone help me out here as maybe I am forgetting something trivial or there is some other issue.