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    Presenter 7 with office 2007 - Very poor image quality

    Evan75 Level 1

      Hello everybody,


      I have been developing for a while in Presenter 7.

      When i publish i noticed that the image quality is VERY poor compared to other e-learning products. (e.g. Captivate)

      (I have the image quality set to high in the Presenter settings)

      I read something about the way you create the images that might affect the quality. I ran some tests but with no positive results:

      I generated images using 3 different softwares and in 4 different formats

      Last test was performed using Photoshop CS4: I printed the screen, imported in PS and even sharpened it. I exported in: png24, jpeg and gif..

      none of them gave me good results.. A bit better than the bitmaps exported directly from Captivate, but still blurry.


      I know that having a resizable image depending on the browser window size might affect the image quality, but i think that the quality is still too low even considering that.


      Any ideas?

      Thanks all for your help!