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    [CS4, WinXP, JS] bridgeTalk.getTargets() does not return Acrobat

    Pat R O'Neill

      Hi, I recently upgraded from CS3 to CS4 and have a script that communicates with Acrobat through bridgetalk.

      (It batch converts pdfs in a folder to eps - it works fine on CS3 and my test station copy of CS4)


      The problem is that when I try to talk to acrobat, acrobat is not listening.


      BridgeTalk.getTargets() returns:


      fireworks,ame,bridge,devicecentral,dreamweaver,estoolkit,exman,flash,illustrator,indesign, photoshop

      While BridgeTalk.getSpecifier("acrobat") returns:


      I've searched the forums and seen this problem in other threads, but I could not find any answer as to how or why Acrobat "unregistered" itself, or how I can "re-register" it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


      Edit: CS4, WinXP, JS