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    Lousy image quality publishing out of CS5

    BearHNC Level 1


      I am creating a reletively simple web banner, and I have some .pngs that I have imported into Flash, converted to movie clips, and done some simple animation on them, but when I export the looks like hell. I have played anound with my publish setting upping the quality and that did nothing. I played anound with my clipboard and PSD importer preferences that did nothing, I even imported them as a single layed PSD and that did nothing. I am out of ideas, does any one have a suggesstion? I have attached 2 files 1 is the actual .png and the other is a portrion of a screenshot I took of the exported .swf. And I tried bringing one of the .pngs into CS3 and exporting and it looked fine, if I didn't already have the entire animation already done in CS5 I would just go back, but at this point that is a ridicolius amount of rework.

      Thanks in advance.Picture 1.png