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    Flv's and swf's not showing.

    juviesi Level 1

      Hi again guys.

      I created an application in FC then i imported in FB to add fullscreen button and Fit to browser function(wich doesn't work)

      But my main problem was after export the files to deploy to web server, i can't see any FLV and SWF from my project.

      I already changed the names from "main" to "index". Do i have to import the files inside the assets and history folders to or not?

      Any idea of what is happening?

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          Tanya Heins-2I5OoU

          Try posting the swf and flv assets to your server.  Sounds like you're on the right track, though hard to know without looking at the project.  Are you able to share the Fb project files?  Happy to take a look.




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            juviesi Level 1

            Problem solved, take a look www.imperiobartenders.com.br


            1-Now, i have to connect the contact form to send the email.

            2-Fit browser width, because this preinitialize="systemManager.stage.scaleMode='showAll' is making the size very large and cropping instead of resize.

            3-Optimize the size os my FLV's and SWF's because is taking to long to load, good quality + low size is a compression way hard to achieve.