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    PlayStation 3 (ps3) audio crackle and popping bug


      I'm curious if anyone else out there has experienced this problem.


      For a couple years now, I regularly render my projects to mp4 (h.264) files at 1080p for playback on my PS3. In Premiere Pro CS3, I had made a couple customized presets with all the right settings for smooth playback on the ps3, which took quite a bit of research and experimentation to get just right.


      Now in Premiere Pro CS5, the few h.264 default presets I've used work really well out of the box, with one small caveat. On a particular music video I've been working on, the audio has quite a few crackles and popping sounds in it. I've researched the heck out of this, initially thinking it was a problem with my render... deleted my audio peak files over and over, changed projects to 44.1kHz and/or 48kHz, use the original WAV file, etc etc ad nauseum. What was most confusing is that I couldn't hear any of these popping sounds when I played the exact same mp4 on my computer. In fact, it sounded perfect on my computer no matter what I did. In diagnosing the problem, I connected my computer directly to my stereo (bypassing the PS3) and sure enough the audio was perfect... so...


      My thinking now is it's some sort of a bug or perhaps a very nuanced incompatibility betweeen the ps3 and the mp4 file. I've re-rendered the mp4 in countless ways, tweaking nearly every encoding setting possible. So far, I've found two things that work and cause the audio to play without any clicks or pops on the PS (again, they all sound fine on the computer)-


      1. Rerendered at 720p instead of 1080. Audio plays perfectly.

      2. Replaced my video track with a single white color matte, rendered at my original 1080p. Audio plays perfectly.


      Anyway, that's where I'm at. Given it plays so well on my computer, I'm half thinking the PS3 is on it's way out as my HTPC solution.


      Curious if anyone else in the community has experienced anything like this?