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    In Cp4, recording screens with typing aren't functioning correctly

    srigel1 Level 1

      In Cp4, I'm recording a screen where I click in a text box and type a first name.  I click in a second text box and type a last name.  When I run the demo it doesn't show me typing anything.  Sometimes when I click on another button the word I typed suddenly appears.  But it's not showing me type it.


      When I run the same recording in training, I don't see any captions that say "click here and type Jane."


      I thought in the demo it was supposed to record what I typed so the student could watch the typing as it happened.  And then in the training file it allowed the student to click in the text box, showed a caption that said "type Jane", and allowed the student to type in the text box.


      Is there a setting I'm missing or something?


      Thank you.