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    Compositing muzzles and action scenes


      I've made an action movie called Police Assault 2 and I would love to get some constructive criticism regarding pacing, special effects, color correction, camera position, overall value. It's a really good movie, most of my friends say. Some say it's even great.


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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          The ricochet sparks are all over the place. One person shooting one gun is not going to result in bullet hits scattered so far, and the rate of fire of the gun (which you can hear) wouldn't make that number of visible bullet hits per unit time. Match what we see to what we hear. The bullet hits also don't occur in realistic places; for example, they appear on the _near_ side of the barrier when the bad guy ducks behind, as if the fire is coming from the same side of the barrier that he's on.


          Think about what reality would look like. Then try to match that with your software. Then maybe think about punching it up a bit for dramatic effect. But start with reality.

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            Dave LaRonde Level 6

            Yup, Todd's right.  I noticed the gunfire, too.


            I made the same mistake on some shots of a rapidly-approaching severe thunderstorm at night.  I created realistic-looking lightning in the clouds and realistic reflections of flashes of lightning on the sides of a house... but they were just too rapid.  To look at it, you would have thought that Armageddon was taking place in this neighborhood.


            I forgot that it's best to use the bare minimum of effects to make your point visually.

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