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    show brush heads as thumbnail views and loadable from bridge

    bluefire777 Level 1

      (off the beaten path suggestion...)

      ability to  view all your brush presets, (brush heads) in bridge too as thumbnails,  as the load presets tab in the brushes palette doesnt allow you to view  brushes until you`ve actually loaded the preset, when your rushed and  quite stressed (me often) when your  trying to look for a specific brush but can`t remember its name or what  slight variation of that brush you wanted, you have to open several  preset groups and siphon through the brushes. Some brushes are very  organic and you have variations that are slight between brushes in terms  of their edges.


      I`d like to see bridge able to display thumbs of my brush heads so I can select which ones I want to add to the current document right in bridge. both my PS brushes and AI brushes if working in AI..