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    Including big images kills the memory!

    NickDF__ Level 1

      I think the title says it all.


      After some time I used the profiler included in the builder today and experimented a bit with my design.

      I have a big application 1100x1000 which includes 2 spark BitmapImage components. Each one is embedding a picture for the application background.

      Even though I've optimized as much as I could the two images (made their size almost 11 kb), the fact that their widths and heights are big is causing problems.


      I've noticed that if I dont include these images my application is consuming almost 10 mb less than with the images (25 mb after all the data has returned from the server).


      I think its a huge difference!!! If I see it the wrong way please let me know.


      I have also tried using the mx image components without embedding the picture but no difference. So my next thought was to include the graphics in the html template. I've managed to do that but then the swf isnt transparent, so no luck there either.


      Anyone else experiencing such issues?