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    How do I move the navigation pane in Adobe reader 9

    Hart to Hart fan

      How do I move the navigation pane (the pane that shows the page numbers and first and last page buttons) from the top of adobe reader 9 I am used to using version 7.1 and it was at the bottom of adobe in that version just above the task bar. I bought a new laptop and adobe reader 9 was already installed on it. I have tried looking at the help pages in 9 but they only mention moving the toolbars. If it is not possible to move the navigation pane in 9 I still have my old laptop which has 7.1. on it if I bought a flash pen could I copy version 7.1 onto my new laptop. If it is possible to do this could you please explain with step by step instructions how to do this as I have never used a USB flash pen before.


      My old laptop is running XP SP2 I.E 6 My nw laptop is running Windows 7 Home Premium I.E 8