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    How to match zoom momentum over 2 photos


      This is a very specific question and I hope someone here can give me a simple answer.


      I am trying to do a nice slow and smooth zoom out from an image in this video I am making.  I want to zoom in 100% on the image and then zoom out slowly to reveal the entire image.  The problem I'm facing is that CS5 only allows for images sized 10,000 pixels x 8,000 pixels and smaller.  The image I have is 28,800 x 14,400.  If you want to know the image I am working on google "Inaguration Photo" and it's the first image that pops up


      Anyways, what I decided to do was crop the image by 10,000 pixels for the 100% view and then start zooming out, then have a second image that was less resolution to zoom out starting from the half way point to reveal the entire image.  When I've placed the two images in my timeline, I can get the location and scaling of the first image to match the second image perfectly.  However I cannot get the zoom speed and direction to match; you can always tell the moment where the two images converge.


      Is there a simple way to accomplish what I'm trying to do?  I figured the easiest way would be to match the pitch of the little path marker on each image but that isn't exactly making this look smooth.  I know the folks at Adobe probably never imagined someone wanting to fade an image out this large but I think the effect will be really cool.  Any help?