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    automatically remove background from scan

    Король Лев Level 1

      My origin of question and self-doubt is a .pdf representing a scanned book of some 100 pages (it's for education, so don't consider me a bad person!). Unfortunately tthere are some ugly edges (at the bottom and alternating on the right or left), taking about 20% of the total breadth/height.
      I'd really like to cut those edges or better: let them be cut. At my hand is an expensive modern PC, expensive software (Acrobat 9), a document with high contrast white page against very dark background and my dumb unexperienced self, so I thought this should be no problem.
      Surprisingly, neither the edge shadow removal nor the white edge removal have any effect on my document. And even if I would cut the edges by hand, I just can't find a way to truly remove them from the file. You know they are hidden in the shadows and stuff...
      Can you please help me? This must be a common problem... Allthough with the given k$-software it shouldn't be one at all.
      I apreciate you reading this to the end and thanks in advance for your soon help!

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          Bill@VT Level 7

          You can use the crop tool to get rid of the appearance of the stuff as I understand the issue. However, you then either have to use redaction or just print to a new PDF to remove the cropped material from the PDF. Used to be that the Reduce File Size would remove cropping, but I think that only lasted 1 version with the cropping feature.


          Depending on the scans, you might find you can crop all even and all odd pages separately to meet the needs in a more automated way. I would still scan through the document to be sure you did not cut something off.


          In terms of your use for scanning, it varies a bit. In many cases, it is considered acceptable for personal use. Limited copying is even found acceptable for classroom use. Full books (or substantial parts) for classroom use usually require the approval of the publisher. This is not a legal opinion, but what I remember our library indicating. You school librarian may be in a good position to give you school policy on such scanning based on the school position. I would be looking into our school policy if I wanted to scan a substantial portion of a text -- I know they do have a policy.