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    SWF not autoplaying in browser

      This seems like a silly question, but I can't figure it out for some reason.

      Whenever I run a flex app locally, it starts up the SWF file and works great. When I copy the \bin directory to a remote server, and load the html, the swf file is stopped or "paused". I have to right-click on the swf and select "Play" in order for it to start.

      Any ideas why this is happening?

      Thanks in advance....

      - Kevin
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          ntsiii Level 3

          Are the app and swf in the same domain? Just guessing here.

          Also, these are CS3, FP9 swfs, correct?

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            KevinFauth Level 1
            Yeah, it's not security. Everything was local, and the swf file was a Flex 9 compiled swf.

            I started a new project and had nothing but a label "Hello World" in the Application. Copied it up, still nothing... So even at bare bones, still didn't work.

            Then when I was about to give up (and chuck my computer through the window), I copied the project over to another external domain (different web host, exact same code), and it worked. Apparantly, for who knows what reason, the SWF's didn't run right on my other domain. I really have no idea why, since I thought it embedded into the html and the browser rendered it.

            So to conclude, I have it working now. It was something to do with my hosting company apparantly. VERY frustrating... I need a beer. Thanks Tracy.

            - Kevin