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    Windows 7 64-bit and CS5


      I wrote a script a few years ago that lays out photos on multiple pages in a specialized grid pattern for a classifieds magazine. The script will run normally for about half of the first page and then ID CS5 quits.


      I translated a few of the features from CS2 into CS5 when we upgraded and the script functions completely normally on OSX 10.6.4 but when I run it in Windows 7 64-bit it fails. I've replicated the behavior on multiple machines.


      When I look at Windows Task Manager and watch the memory usage while the script is running everything seems normal until it reaches about 100MB of used memory, then script execution pauses and the memory usage spikes to over 1GB and ID CS5 quits.


      I've tried


      1) Running ID CS5 with Administrator Priveleges

      2) Running ID CS5 in Compatibility Mode for Windows XP SP3

      3) Running ID CS5 in a Windows XP SP3 Virtual Machine


      Has anyone else experienced this issue with long running or memory intensive scripts?